In 2009, Aniko Piri relocated from the ESPN main campus in Bristol, CT to help launch the Los Angeles Production Center in LA LIVE. 

She currently holds the position of Coordinating Studio Technician with a special focus on lighting.

As an ESPN lighting specialist, she has 10 plus years of experience in coordination and execution of a wide variety of lighting design projects with a focus on designing show looks, gathering hardware/software requirements and programming lighting boards.

In her 11 years with ESPN she has received several lighting awards and has earned much-deserved respect from everyone she works with.

Aniko’s work ethic is 2nd to none. Her organizational/planning skills, attention to detail and absolute efficiency, combined with advanced problem solving and troubleshooting techniques, makes her an invaluable asset. 

She continuously demonstrates the ability to perform tasks under tight deadlines while simultaneously managing multiple projects.

Aniko is passionate about great lighting design. She seeks opportunities where she can add her magic touch to enhance the look of whatever project she is working on.

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