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Micheal “Jordet” Jordet

Principal / Founder - Head of Research and Trading


For more than 20 years, Jordet worked in the broadcast integration field installing hardware systems and software solutions in the entertainment industry. As an avid early adopter of most anything technologically new, Jordet began learning about the Blockchain and investing in Bitcoin since 2014. He has since retired from his career to work full time researching and directing POLR Strategies. 

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Aniko Piri

Principal / Cofounder – Research, Trading and Administration

Aniko knows how manage many moving parts in technology and on stage or studio settings. Having spent 10+ years setting stages at various studios and currently coordinating large scale projects for ESPN, Aniko embraces new technologies and is a visionary when it comes to seeing how to do things differently. She enjoys researching how new technologies disrupt and evolve our socioeconomic behaviors and questioning the way things are and how they could be.

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Joseph “Joe” Alexopoulos, MBA, CFP, CFE

Principal / Cofounder – Research and Trading

As a wealth manager Joe helps people who are fortunate enough to be successful stay successful.  He gives advice on portfolio management, personal financial planning, real estate investing, business, charitable, legacy and even relationship planning – for better or for worse. To make the most of all he has a network of professionals for the income tax, legal, and insurance issues that come with the territory.  Joe finds the evolution of currencies into block-chains a fascinating leap of faith worth investing, and it’s “value” is no different fundamentally than that of the fiat currency we use today. 


For what is worth Joe studied business and finance at Bryant University and then earned his MBA from the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business. He holds the CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) and CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) designations and has worked as and advisor for Fidelity Investments and a Private Banker with Citigroup Private Bank.

Maria Otero, JD, LLM, MBA, MBT

Principal / Cofounder – Research and Administration

Maria has more degrees than a thermometer and is fluent in six languages (French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, Italian and really good with Latin too).  As an attorney she works on international income tax planning and compliance matters for high net worth private clients and multinational businesses. 


Maria has Master in Law from the University of Switzerland, an MBA and MBT from University of Southern California Marshall School of Business and an LLM from Southwestern University, and of course she passed the bar in 2013 on her first attempt.  She’s a smart cookie and had worked for Pricewaterhouse, Deloitte and Moss Adams until boutique law firm made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

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